New Sponsor

April 21, 2014 | BLOG, Sponsor

we will like to welcome our latest sponsor

They have 5 casino games and more to come:

FireShot Screen Capture #074 - 'Bitcoin Dice - CoinRoyale_ Bitcoin Casino' - coinroyale_com_dice

The dice game is very user friendly.

FireShot Screen Capture #076 - 'Bitcoin Roulette - CoinRoyale_ Bitcoin Casino' - coinroyale_com_roulette

I like The roulette table because they have 0.000001 min chip so you can play for hours with little money

FireShot Screen Capture #077 - 'Bitcoin Video Poker - CoinRoyale_ Bitcoin Casino' - coinroyale_com_videopoker

Video Poker is my fav. very fast and love that there is no waiting to download.

FireShot Screen Capture #078 - 'Bitcoin Baccarat - CoinRoyale_ Bitcoin Casino' - coinroyale_com_baccarat

I’m a novice at baccarat but as you can see betting on the dealer pays off

FireShot Screen Capture #079 - 'Bitcoin Blackjack - CoinRoyale_ Bitcoin Casino' - coinroyale_com_blackjack

and of course blackjack. they have more games coming soon.

we welcome to the CB Index Family and hope you can check them out. I played there for a few hours i like that its very low min. bets and the software is quick. no waiting for games to download.